Criminal Law

Defending Your Rights After Criminal Accusations

Whether you’re experiencing the shock of a first-time arrest or you’ve been through this before, a criminal charge is something to take seriously. Even seemingly minor offenses can have consequences that could affect your ability to land a job, get a lease or use your car. While you can’t roll back time to prevent your arrest, you can help yourself now by contacting a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights and work to mitigate some of the potentially harsh consequences of your charge.

Understanding Your Charge

At Lawson Legal, we represent clients in Ohio who are facing a variety of criminal charges, misdemeanors and felonies alike. We provide judgment-free defense with the aim of protecting your rights to the maximum possible extent. Criminal charges we handle include:

  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug crimes
  • Domestic assault
  • White collar crimes

While we may not be able to get your charges dismissed in every case, there are still things we can do to improve your outlook and your future. We can provide more information in the context of your particular case when you come in for your first consultation.

Face Your Situation Head On

Running away from your charges or sticking your head in the sand won’t help. You need a criminal law attorney as soon as possible to give you an experienced perspective of your rights and your options. When you’re not sure what to do, we can provide a much-needed road map. To schedule your free initial consultation at our Columbus office, call 614-602-5300 or contact us online for more information.