Fees and Billing

Lawson Legal will discuss the best billing approach for your situation. Depending on the circumstances, we can bill hourly, a flat fee or contingency basis. Because of Michael Lawson's commitment to helping the community, Lawson accepts some cases pro bono. (legal services free).

Initial Consultation:

We charge $50 for an initial 30 minute consultation. However, every Wednesday of the month, Lawson Legal offers free consultations. All consultations offered on this day will be a first come first serve basis.


• Hourly - We charge $150-$250 an hour. You will usually be required to pay part or all of the expected fee upfront.

You will receive monthly statements. Any unearned fees will be returned at the conclusion of our representation.

• Flat Fee - You will have only one fee for legal service regardless of how many hours we work for you. The flat fee is expected up front.

• Contingency - You only pay legal fees if you recover money for your claim. We charge 25% - 35%.

• Court Fees- In each billing scenario, you must pay for filing costs, court fees, copying charges and other similar expenses.

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