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Estate Planning is a very broad area of law. Lawson Legal provides estate planning and administration services for individuals and their families. It is a good idea to have things in order for when for when you or a loved one passes away. If your only concern is what happens when you pass away, then a Will may be all that you need. However, if you or a loved one is concerned about the time before then, a consideration into other documents or mechanisms should come into play. For example, a will or trust document can be specific instructions on what happens to certain assets when a person passes on. Not having such documents in place can lead to the state of Ohio determining where your things go (these types of laws are called intestacy and descent and distribution laws).

Estate Planning Documents

Wills and basic estate planning can range from being simple, to VERY complex. However, the statement that an estate is "simple" is a misnomer. Even a simple will can be rather complex. The assets a person has, along with the probate process con confound the simplest of instructions. Even a simple will should be tailored to specifically address your individual wishes.

If your only focus is on what happens after somebody passes away, then a will or even a simple trust could be sufficient for you. There are pros and cons to each. We strive for the greatest possible savings in income, estate, and gift taxes while designing plans that meet individual objectives. Some items and documents to consider when making an estate plan are:

Services also include tax planning for lifetime, testamentary transfer, post-mortem wealth transfer, guardianship services, elder law, and the administration of decedents' estates.


Estate administration is also called Probate. There are several issues to determine in estate administration. The first is what assets need to be included in an estate. Certain assets may need to be legally transferred.

Probate may or may not be needed, depending on whether or not the assets were "probate assets." After there is a determination on whether or not there are "probate assets" the next question is "how do things get distributed?"

This question is answered by either looking at the Will (if one exists) or at the law (if a will does not exist). If there is a will, there a several legal doctrines that may protect certain members of the family which may slightly alter the distribution described in the will. Additionally, there could be unclear language within the will that requires interpretation, and there may be some assets that may not pass under the will as written.

Whether or not there is a Will, there could be several issues relating to who gets what, and who may have claims. Lastly, there could be other issues to consider such as will contests or claims of undue influence. If there is any question as to what needs to be address, you can reach out to Lawson Legal at 614-600-2603 or by email for answers and help in your estate administration needs.

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