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You are likely a consumer, whether you realize it or not. All you have to do is buy something at a store. Being a consumer is part of what drives our economy. So it just makes sense that the consumer is protected from unscrupulous sales practices.

Have you ever bought a faulty product or been lied to by a company or sales person? Then you are also, likely, a protected Consumer under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Consumer law applies when a consumer and a retailer or dealer come into dispute regarding the product or transaction. Consumer law applies to every transaction from the basic supermarket transaction all the way to the purchase of a new or used car.


If a retailer or dealer is deceptive with a consumer, then a consumer (you) may be entitled to triple the damages that are attributed to that transaction. If you think you have been lied to or taken advantage of, you may have a case against the business that you made your purchase from.

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